After installing Content Access on my Drupal 7 website, my normal users weren't able to view their own unpublished content when shown in an aggregate generated by Views that did not filter on Published status. They had the “View own unpublished content” permission set under the Node section. Users could view and edit the node if they went to the node directly, but only the super admin would see the node displayed in a view. If I temporarily disabled Content Access, my users could again view their own unpublished content.

The thread: “Users can't access drafts” in the issue queue for another Drupal access module, Simple Access, with a similar problem put me on the track for a solution. It made me realise that I could have the best of both worlds: Content Access installed and a view of all a given user's content, unpublished or published.

To do this, one needs to go in to the view in question and choose the Settings for Query settings under the Advanced tab, and from the next dialogue, tick the “Disable access checks” option:


While this works, I'm not sure whether this is a proper solution. In my case it's not important for the content type in question that the access checks can be disabled when generating a view, but I guess it may be that someone requires both together, in which case they need to find another workaround.

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