Debugging the CKEditor configuration

Here are, roughly in the order you should try them, some tips that may help you debugging a CKEditor configuration when the editor don't show up in the edit area after you've installed it:

  1. Clear the cache:

    Remember to clear the cache after you've changed any setting that has something to do with wysiwyg. Not clearing the cache is probably the most common source for CKEditor not showing up as you would expect.

  2. Check out that roles are configured correctly:

    Navigate to your text formats: Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » Text formats and ensure the roles are configured correctly.

    Add the roles you want to use wysiwyg to Filtered HTML and Full HTML..

  3. Check out that profiles are set up right:

    Navigate to your ckeditor profiles: Home » Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » CKeditor.

    Go to the profiles, and verify that the text formats for the profile are set, and the editor appearance is set properly.

    • Under Basic Setup, check the text formats that apply.
    • Under Editor Appearance, set default state to enabled, and show the toggle.
  4. Check the paths:

    Navigate to Administration » Configuration » Content authoring » CKeditor » Global settings. Press Edit, and check that all the paths listed there actually exists.

  5. Check the default text processing option:

    Make sure that you've selected "Plain text" instead of "Filtered text" as your default text processing option. To change this, navigate to Administration » Structure » Content types, select the content you experience problems with and click manage fields and edit on the body field (and other text fields you want to use the wysywyg editor). Make sure that the preset text format for that text field is set to to one of the formats configured for wysywyg (e.g. Filtered HTML).

    To make sure that Filtered HTML is selectable, you need to make sure that the setting for "Text processing" is set to Filtered text (not Plain text):

    [screen dump]

    Press Save settings after changing this.

    Make sure that when you create content, a text format that is set up to use use wysiwyg (e.g. Filtered HTML) is selected. The screen dump below shows how the pull-down menu immediately below the text field for content should look like:

    [screen dump]

Problem not solved?

If none of the answers given to this question helps you, please create a comment and tell us what you've tried so far to solve your problem, and any details you can offer about your configuration.



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wholesale jerseys from china "We should be concerned that higher income residents are more prone to leave and that many will do so before they retire,"

says Murray. "This would leave behind a depleted tax base coupled with a population in need of greater support. If these conditions come to fruition, the affordability anxieties that are driving people out of the state now will only get worse.".

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and MediaWeatherEditorialsLetters to the EditorAdam ZyglisStateWhen a

group of brawny men in football jerseys stick their size 13 feet into

a pair of high heeled shoes, then walk down Hertel Avenue,

there must one might assume be a love story somehow involved.That, in fact, was the case Sunday.The

love story is between Iris and Kent Yarger of Buffalo.The brawny

men are the Dragons, members of a semi professional football

team the Yargers own that is based in Riverside.The Dragons were among the 280 men and women who participated Sunday in a one mile walk that organizers describe as a lighthearted event that gets people to address a serious topic.

"Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" drew attention to the issue of sexual violence against women and brought more men into

the discussion, as the organizers had hoped it would.Erie

County has the fifth highest number of reported rapes in the state,

according to Robyn Wiktorski Reynolds, advocate program coordinator for Crisis Services, which

sponsored Sunday's local event along with the University

at Buffalo. Also, she said, as youths, boys are as likely as girls to be victims

of sexual assault.Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is an international event that has become

increasingly popular during the nine years it has been held in Buffalo, Wiktorski Reynolds said.Among

those gathering Sunday at the Crisis Services building on Main Street, then walking down Hertel Avenue and back, were

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Sacramento plays Golden State tonight and frankly, this game's looking

pretty good to the Warriors. Webber is hurting,

and he's about all they have on a night to night basis.

Vlade Divac isn't a go to guy, and Jason Williams, while continuing to

show the flash, misses far too many shots.

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amazing how when you watching, my mind plays

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At Heathrow, EVA uses American "Flagship" lounge for business class passengers.

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Many people will try to pass fake signatures as real. As he wins more

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The position varies from country to country, but the similarities are greater than the

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Previously debt has risen to this extent during war.

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and when Star came onboard, I decided to join. One beer now and I get all cockney.

Bugger this, and blimey that. It makes Deb bonkers.

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any given time.While the system is a valuable internal operationaltool, it also provides direct

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wholesale jerseys from china The one in Castlebar on Tuesday got fewer than 100 people through the door; the following night in Letterkenny,

they pulled up the drawbridge with 600 tickets sold.

You don't need access to a psychologist to work out why.

A historian, maybe.. "I was always a big supporter of Lance early on," Jones said in a telephone interview.

A cycling fan, he was on the road side at the 2004 Tour

de France, Armstrong's sixth win. "I was probably one of the first couple to get the yellow band, they were passing it out at the Tour.".

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Giants running back Tiki Barber, who announced he would retire at the end of the year, ran for a career high 234 yards and three touchdowns.

"Arguably, this is the best game of my life," smiled Barber, "and it would be great to go out on top and make this game the cherry on top of a great career. Unfortunately, it looks like my final game will more likely be a frustrating 43 yard, two fumble performance highlighted by video of my rolling my eyes at my coach on the sidelines as he has a complete breakdown and scrambles to pull his ass out of the fire while we're getting trounced by 20 plus in the third quarter.".

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That eight seater small, private plane coming in for what appeared to be a rne landing then bursting into flames.

"Yesterday last season has gone. I've got to get that out of the players' heads when they go and play the first game, against Coventry [at the Ricoh Arena a week today]. They've got to have their chests out and they've got to realise that they're going to be the best team in the League. cheap nfl jerseys

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If the cell acts quickly, they can catch up to MAGIC 1 before NRO DELTA

in their "WHISPER" Advanced Helicopter Prototype can use their extra

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Speeding recklessly along the New Jersey turnpike in privately owned vehicles is one

option. Although some cells may have the resources to commandeer a helicopter or squadron of helicopters.

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It or not, Couture is getting the credit.Trailing by two in a best

of seven series against the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Sharks knew their

season was unofficially, anyway on the line in Saturday clash with the

Kings at HP Pavilion.There was fear they might have again, unofficially lost the series

early in the second period of Game 3, when the 24 year old centre

struggled to skate back to the bench after an awkward

collision along the boards.Couture went MIA for about

15 minutes, with the team telling reporters his return was but was back on the bench before

the end of the second period. A few bolts in the roof of HP Pavilion probably shook

loose when he stepped onto the ice during a stoppage to test

his wheels.He was all over the place for the rest of the night, logging nine minutes of ice in the third period the second highest total on the team,

behind only linemate Joe Pavelski and then picking the top shelf on a power

play early in overtime to finish it off.Couture

will be counted on for another big night in Tuesday Game 4.

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himself out of it," said the manager, who said that his choice will not necessarily be based on one of the players making a clear mistake."Unfortunately for Artur, it was not his performances to blame.

His performances have been very, very good in recent matches."On compassionate grounds, he went back to Poland. Lukasz came in and did well and stayed in for the last game and we will see how that unravels."Speaking before Saturday's kick off,

Mowbray had said the he was particularly keen to give Zaluska

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