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This page demonstrates the various types of freelinking the module's plugins support. Some of them may produce an error message until you log in on the site. You may log in, using the login box in the left sidebar, with Username “demo” and Password “demo”.

Nodetitle: CKEditor debugging
Nid: PathAuto and non-ASCII characters
User (uid): [Freelinking: Unauthorized to view user profile]
User (name): [Freelinking: Unauthorized to view user profile]
File: monkey01.png
Search: pathauto
External URL: Drupal Groups project: Freelinking project page nid: About Drupal
Google search: Google Search “drupal”
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There are three built-in indicators. These will not generate links.

nowiki: [[this is not a freelink]]
showtext: this is not a freelink
redact: ******